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YummJoy- Business App for Homepreneurs, Small Business Owners. Solopreneurs. List Your Business to Drive Customer Engagement!

Business App for Homepreneurs- Make Your Business Simple!
Make Your Business Simple with YummJoy Business App

Business App for Homepreneurs

Take a Leap!
If you are a small business owner or homepreneur doing business on WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram or Facebook. Then it’s time to take a leap and leverage the potential of personalised store or catalog on YummJoy Business App for more professional, transparent and effortless experience between you and your customers.

YummJoy Business App

This platform lets you easily connect with customers, showcase your products, get enquiries and get you started with the direct notification of your orders through Whatsapp.

Your life becomes simple, easy and convenient to track your orders plus you get a professional way to showcase your business to clients without barging their privacy or space.

YummJoy Business App for Homepreneurs
YummJoy Business App

With Yummjoy you can share your stories, get the feedback from your customers at a single place without any kind of hassle and all the orders tracked at a single place. 

Advantages of Listing your Business on YummJoy App

List your Business on YummJoy App
List your Business on YummJoy App
  1. Simple & Easy
  2. Ready to Use
  3. Defined Business Category to List Your Business
  4. Create your own Customised Store
  5. Manage your Orders at a Single Place
  6. Professional Micro Business Site
  7. Drive Customer Engagement
  8. Build Customer Trust
  9. Keep Customers Up-to-date
  10. Be Connected Anytime, Anywhere
  11. Private Space to Compete for your unique selling propositions unlike Social Media Platforms
  12. Low Investment and Better Results
  13. Your personalised pricing, offerings and discounts
  14. Inbuilt Analytics
  15. Track Your Earnings

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Why Is Business Listing on Apps like YummJoy Is Important for You?

  1. Personalised store or catalog for more professional, transparent and effortless experience between you and your customers.
  2. Being a local entrepreneur, home preneur or a small business owner, make the search for your store easy for customers.
  3. Your business store/catalog on YummJoy gives you the leverage to market yourself better to your potential customers on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.
  4. Leverage the social media traffic to your personalised catalog.
  5. You have a professional micro store or micro catalog of your product(s) or service to display to your customers to get orders through WhatsApp.
  6. You have a privacy to interact with your customers and to give specialised offers.
  7. In future YummJoy will help you with your delivery challenges also.

For any queries or inputs which could be helpful for your business, do write to YummJoy

Still thinking?

You would be happy to know that there are no charges or commission charged by YummJoy on the daily sales orders. 

The features of the app can be used for free for 30 days and after that, you just have to pay a nominal subscription of Rs. 300 per month.


What’s More?

Well you will have your own customised store or catalog where you can sell products at your own price without the need to inflate. 

YummJoy App is for anyone who wants to do business online. From a grocery store, to a home based business solopreneur like home bakers, home chefs, handcrafted goods or green plants reseller, digital marketer to all kinds of small and big businesses, the app gives you an edge over all the other apps present in the market today.

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