Idea: Nutritious Midday Meal Service for Fit Moms

Healthy Mid Day Meal Service

Start with Nutritious Midday Meal Service for stay at home fitness moms.

Stay at home fitness moms in this challenging times is all busy managing children, husband, family chores and their fitness goals. In this tight schedules and multi-tasking they are challenged to prepare for themselves something healthy, nutritious and measured calories meal.

Nutrition Expert Home Chef
Nutrition Expert Home Chef

So being a nutrition expert and passion for cooking, wear a home chef cap and get started with a Nutritious Midday Meal Service.

Nutrition Expert Home Chef

Plan your mid day meal service with little creativity and innovation in your menu planning.

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Your midday nutritious meal service would not just be limited to stay fit moms but to anyone who wants to eat homecooked healthy nutritious food for their fitness goals.

To Get You Started…Here are 4 Easy Midday Nutritious Lunch Ideas


Most moms are on their fitness regime and they would not mind indulging in healthy wholesome salads. Your creative thoughts around interesting healthy salads can be a good idea to add to your midday lunch menu.

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Healthy Nutritious Salad
Healthy Nutritious Salad


Moms are bored of those routine recipes. They want options that taste special and don’t add much calorie guilt. Prepare easy gourmet sandwiches with loaded greens, nuts and experiments from fresh fruits and vegetables. You can add variations like whole wheat multigrain bread, panini, burger, hoagie or tortilla wraps.

Super Greens Sandwich with Microgreens


Pasta is loved by all. Choose healthy alternatives to traditional pasta. Your menu could include Zucchini Noodles or “Zoodles”, Quinoa Pasta, Rice Pasta,  Shirataki Noodles

LOW-CARB DINNER 😍 Mushroom Zucchini Lasagna Rolls

LOW-CARB DINNER 😍 Mushroom Zucchini Lasagna Rolls #calorieshealthandfitness


Eggs, Microgreens and Fresh Sourced Vegetables with some creative chef mind can create a healthy nutritious bowl for lunch. You can also do Egg and Vegetable Scrambles. Can workout different combos.

Check out Quinoa And Fried Egg Veggie Bowl Recipe

Quinoa And Fried Egg Veggie Bowl
Quinoa And Fried Egg Veggie Bowl

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