Creating seamless experiences between you and your customers

Use YummJoy’s business tools to run your business efficiently online

The tool to run your

services professionally

The tool to run your

services professionally

Store Creation

Create a store link to sell your products and services online

Contactless Ordering

Enable customers to purchase products and services through QR codes

WhatsApp Integration

Get customer orders notified directly through WhatsApp

Customer Feedback

Get reviews and ratings from your customers

Order Management

Track and record all past and current orders in a single place

Pocket Friendly

Subscribe to Essentials for as low as ₹10 per day

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Take your business to the next level with the YummJoy Business App


Anybody who wants to take their business or professional engagement online. 

Anybody who has a product or service on offer to Customers on a digital platform. 

Anybody who wants to take their business online, interact seamlessly with Customers, wants to have a professional outlook for their business and do the operations in a methodical and organised manner.

These are tools like MyStore, MyCatalog, Order Management, Customer Statistics, Delivery Integration, Customer Feedback integration etc. These tools are available as ‘Essentials’ and ‘Premiums’ in the app.

The engagement between YummJoy business and yourself, will be limited to the extent of digital tools being subscribed for. For more details, please read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy in this regard.

If you have a fixed or same set of products and/ or services on a daily basis to sell, you can opt for creating your own Store.

If you have certain products and/ or services which are made available only on certain days or times, you can opt for the MyCatalog feature.

Yes, you can use, for free, all the features of the app, including ‘Essentials’ and ‘Premiums’ for a period of 30 days from the date of account registration. From the 31st day, you can continue to use the app and its features only upon payment of a minimum amount of subscription which works out to Rs. 10 per day, that is, Rs. 300 per month for Essentials. 

No, it depends on whether you sell a fixed or same set of products on a daily basis. In case your products and/ or services are made available on an ‘ad hoc’/ ‘as and when’ basis, then you can simply create your Catalog and sell products, without having to create a Store.

A Vegetable shop selling the regular set of daily use fruits and vegetables will create MyStore. The same Vegetable shop wanting to sell some rare or seasonal fruit like say, Alphonso Mango in a box of 3 kgs each, should opt for Catalog creation just for selling the Mangoes. Another example, can be a home chef or a cloud kitchen Specialising in different varieties of “pickles” with long shelf life and also selling some snacks/sweets on special festivals or occasions. For selling the different variety of Pickles available on a daily basis, it will be MyStore creation and for selling the Snacks/Sweets once a while on festive occasions, it will be MyCatalog.

Your sale orders with your Customers is outside the purview of YummJoy Business. Our business engagement and responsibility is restricted only to the extent of digital tools subscribed by yourself. We do not levy any commission or charges on your daily sale orders.

You will have to make an online payment for the subscription amount and it has to be made upfront, in order to utilise the app features and have the services continued for your use.

For your business account created in our app, a QR code is automatically generated and assigned. You can share or display this QR code to your Customers. Upon scanning this QR code, your customers can see your list of products and services on offer, with price, payment and delivery mode details. With this information, your customers can confirm the business order without any interaction or dependency on your staff.

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